COLD CASE: Brother Offers $5,000 Reward

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Sometimes a case can quickly go cold. Leanord “Nardy” Populus was killed three years ago this week.

“My brother was sitting on his mother-in-law’s porch and somebody shot him in the back of the head, some how,” said Nardy’s brother Carl Populus, recalling the murder that took place on July 18, 2014.

Populus was found dead on the stoop of that house on Luckie Avenue, off St. Stephens Road in the Toulminville area of Mobile. Leanord Populus was 54 years old.

“My brother didn’t have any enemies,” said Carl Populus. “Two children just lost his wife a few years before then, and he was just a God-fearing good guy.”

“He never was a street guy, he never ran with people like that, no,” added Rev. W.A. James, III, a lifelong friend of Nardy Populus.

Carl Populus says police had little to go on, just some cigarette butts found on the stoop.

“Officers thought they had something going when they found the cigarette butts but they say they did the DNA on the cigarettes and they all belonged to him,” said Carl Populus.

Mobile Police failed to provide the case file, or make detectives available this week, despite numerous requests by News 5.

“And the investigation just seems to have disappeared,” said Carl Populus. “There doesn’t seem to be no concern right now so I’m trying to get some focus on it. I don’t want this to turn into an unforgotten cold case.”

And one thing that might do that is some cold hard cash

“I have a $5000 reward I’m willing to give for the arrest and conviction,” Populus told News 5 this week at the Eight Mile cemetery where his brother is buried.

It would be a conviction that Nardy’s friends say can’t come soon enough, for them, and for the community.

“That’s someone that don’t care nothing about life, liberty, mankind, anyone,” said Rev. James. “They just kill because that’s what they want to do. And we’re all threatened by of those kind of people and that’s why we have to figure out how to get these people off the street.”

And that is Carl Populus’ main goal in life.

“I won’t stop trying to figure out who killed my brother until my death,” he said.

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