UPDATE: Alabama Man Who Killed Gigantic 820-Pound Hog In His Front Yard, May Have Been a Neighbor’s

Photo Credit: Wade Seago

SAMSON, Ala. (WKRG/AP) — Earlier this week, we reported that Wade Seago of Samson, Alabama killed an 820-pound wild hog last week in his front yard.

Photo Credit: Wade Seago

Seago told News 5’s Randy Patrick that his dog started barking and when he and his daughter looked outside, they spotted the giant hog in their front yard.

He shot it 3 times with a .38 caliber pistol.

Seago said he weighed the hog the following day on a commercial peanut scale, it weighed 820 pounds.

He said he has seen some big hogs in the past near his property in southeast Alabama, but nothing near the size of an 800 pounder.

But now an Alabama woman has come forward and says that hog was hers! The animal escaped from a pen on her family’s farm.

Trisha Garcia of Samson told al.com one of her husband’s boar hogs dug under the fence and went missing July 10, the day before a huge hog with tusk-like teeth wandered into Wade Seago’s front yard about half a mile away.

It’s legal in Alabama to kill feral hogs, which cause millions of dollars in damage each year.

Garcia says she’s not angry with Seago. She says he had every right to kill it.

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