Sheriff David Morgan Goes to Social Media to get Deputy Raises

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — Controversy is brewing over Sheriff David Morgan wanting his deputies to get a raise.

After the county commission dead locked on the latest budget vote, the sheriff has now taken to social media.

“Sadly once again our board of county commissioners has determined to deny the sheriff’s budget so that we can continue to provide the level of law enforcement our citizens continue to deserve,” says Sheriff David Morgan via pre-produced Facebook video.

And that is also the concern on several citizens if the raise for deputies does not happen.

“It’s going to be gangsters, that are going to take over and we need our police department and our policemen to be backed up by our county,” says Escambia County resident Mark Stettener.

“I think cops should be paid and compensated for what they do, and that’s just a very important job,” says another Escambia County resident.

“Why lose good deputies to other places to other divisions, when you got good law officers here in Escambia county,” says another Escambia County resident.

And that’s what Morgan is concerned about, in his most recent post on Twitter and Facebook, the sheriff posted this letter from a law enforcement officer who submitted his letter of resignation citing the lack of pay.

According to, Escambia County deputies make about $14.50 an hour.

The sheriff is asking for a 3 percent raise for officers.

But now he wants the public’s help.

“I ask that you call your board of county commissioners support law enforcement, support crime prevention, call your county commissioners and say support the sheriff’s budget,” says Morgan.

The fiscal year starts on October 1.

So there is still time for the sheriff’s budget to pass.



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