Live Traffic Blog

6:10 a.m. – A pretty good start for your Monday if you need to take the Bayway or Causeway, both are flowing along nicely as traffic volume begins to build especially headed towards Mobile.  Through both tunnels still moving along nicely.  Alabama Highway Patrol telling us of an accident Highway 98 near Blackwell Nursery Road.  A single-vehicle went off into a ditch and it looks like the car was abandoned there. Moving along pretty well though coming down I-65 and no new trouble spots in Pensacola according to Pensacola Police or Florida Highway Patrol.

6:41 a.m. – As our Monday morning continues to unfold, traffic volume continues to increase on the bayway and Causeway, but even with that we’re still moving along nicely. No accidents or delays through either of the tunnels. We’re accident-free according to Mobile Police and Alabama Highway Patrol. A new trouble spot in Pensacola; I-110 Northbound ramp to I-10 headed Westbound. Florida Highway Patrol headed there. Pensacola police reporting no accidents at they’re covering.

6:55 a.m. – Our Monday morning commute continues to roll along nicely on the Bayway and Causeway without any trouble spots but traffic volume has picked up. Looking good through tunnels as well. In Mobile both Mobile Police and Alabama Highway Patrol reporting no accidents right now they’re working. Looking good coming down I-65.  In Pensacola a couple trouble spots Florida Highway Patrol there at the I-110 ramp Northbound to I-10 Westbound and just a little bit East of there I-10 Westbound of the 13 Mile Marker(that’s at the North Davis Highway overpass). There’s an accident there as well.

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