Mother Of Homicide Victim Pleads For Answers


For Latricia Clemons, every day is a reminder that her 23-year-old son is gone.

Demetrius Clemons was found shot to death in a car last October.

Three months away from the one year anniversary of his death, she makes a plea to the public.

Latricia Clemons spoke to us this weekend about her son, Demetrius.

“If I needed anything, I mean just anything, all I had to do was just call him up and he’d run on over there,” says Latricia Clemons.

Demetrius was found October 23 shot to death in his mother’s car on Farnell Drive. He leaves behind a one year old daughter. Now their days are that much emptier without him.

“I miss those days when holidays come around and we all get together and have dinner and everything and he’s not there to tell me it’s time to eat, you need to hurry up! He’s not there and I miss that, I miss it, I really miss it,” says Mary Clemons, Demetrius’ aunt.

And in addition to the pictures they cling to, Latricia had something else…her son’s red, black and white Nike Air sneakers. Shoes that she asked to wear quite frequently.

“I asked him, son can I wear your shoes, he said yeah mama, but wait, before you go let me come and clean them up and he cleaned them up real good and let me wear them, so,” says Latricia.

This is the first time Latricia has worn her son’s shoes since he died. She wears them to feel close to him. And while his death remains a mystery, they are each other’s only support group.

“And I am the oldest of my siblings and I’m trying to be strong for my sister cause we’re trying to find out who did this? We just want to plea out to the public and do they know anything and find out something, just something,” says Mary Clemons.

The last time they saw Demetrius was 10:30 Saturday night…two and a half hours before he was found dead. Such a small increment of time, but a large hole they are hoping to fill.

“We just wait, each day as it passes, we just pray each day that God will reveal what happened in between the day he left home,” says Mary.

And if you know any information about what happened October 23rd 2016, or who shot Demetrius Clemons, please call CRIMESTOPPERS at 251-208-7000.

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