Faith Time: Asking Someone to Join Service

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Pastor Marvin Lue with Stewart Memorial CME Church joins us to talk about how to ask someone to join you on Sunday.  Here’s a look at our conversation:

Chad: One of the things people of faith are called to do in most major religions is asking other people to join them at their church synagogue or whatever, why is that important?

Guest: It’s vital for to invite people to worship because it creates and enhances the sense of COMMUNITY. COMMUNITY is the goal of any ministry of significance.

Chad: Who should you ask to come visit your place of worship?

Guest: Everyone is a candidate for an invitation to worship because everyone should be afforded an opportunity to WORSHIP God.

Chad: What is the best way to ask?

Guest: The best way to ask someone to come to worship is to first determine if and how they worship at all. If they do, then swap thoughts. If they don’t, ask them to join you in an inviting way not demanding.

Chad: How do people of faith overcome the apprehension to even ask?

Guest: Overcoming apprehension is easier when we’re EXCITED about Worship. When CHURCH is a JOB, then WORSHIP can’t be a JOY. No one wants to be in a JOYLESS place

Chad: When you see new people in your church what do you do?

Guest: When I see new people in Worship, we pause to acknowledge and welcome them to our ministry. We even have a Welcome song for them. But in all seriousness, we make it our business to show them, LOVE.

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