BREAKING: Small Fire Incident closes Clarke County Walmart for hours

Courtesy: Clark County EMA Facebook

Thomasville, Al (WKRG)- The Clarke County Emergency Management Agency Director Roy Waite confirms to News 5 that someone set fire to the pet isle at the Thomasville Walamrt around 6:55 pm Saturday night.

The store was immediately evacuated.

Hours later, Thomasville Police arrested a juvenile from Marengo County. That person was charged with arson 1st degree.

Alabama Fire Marshalls Office also investigated this incident.

Waite says, although the fire was extinguished very quickly, there was a lot of smoke and residue from extinguishers that had to cleaned before store could reopen.

It took hours to clear the smoke from the building.

Calrk County’s EMA Facebook page says “Walmart has done an outstanding job of cleaning everything in the store and disposed of any open produce, etc.”

Public Health has completed an inspection and the majority of the store has reopened.

Other isles will reopen as they are cleaned.

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