U.S. Senate Candidates Meet Voters at Robertsdale forum.

Voters in Baldwin County had the opportunity to hear from several of the Republican U.S. Senate Candidates during a forum hosted by the Baldwin County Republican Party called “Politics and Pork” picnic.

“People are very interested in this seat. People in Baldwin County are very engaged politically,” Baldwin County Republican Party Chairman Michael Hoyt said about the large turnout. 

With a large pool of Republican candidates, each tried to stand out from the pack.

“I’m passionate. I’m energetic. I’m young. I’m single so I can devote 100 % of my time towards these issues,” said Birmingham businessman Bryan Peebles. “We need to make sure that we’re getting proper legislation and getting good bills for the President to sign in order for us to fix the issues at hand.”

“I’m the only health care policy expert running. I’m a physician. and I’ve done health care policy for the state,” said physician Randy Brinson. “I have the only comprehensive plan to get homeowners insurance reduced rates for the entire country.”

I’ve been the budget chairman of the state of Alabama for 7 years, balancing budgets and paying off debt,” said Gulf Coast State Senator Tripp Pittman. “The number one thing we need to do is get the bay bridge built. That’s why we need a US senator from SAlabamaabama who’s going to make that a priority.

“I have a long-term track record, thousands of votes. You’re not gambling if you vote for Mo Brooks because I’ve got the conservative track record,” said Congressman Mo Brooks. “I’m committed to doing everything I can to eliminate getting rid of the filibuster rule that empowers Chuck Schummer and theDemocratss to obstruct and kill President Trump’s agenda during his entire term in office.”

Incumbent Senator Luther Strange was one of five candidates not in attendance at the event.


The Primary is set for August 15th.

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