Breaking: Motorcyclist killed in Daphne Crash; Police looking for Suspects who fled scene


Daphne police are looking the driver of a vehicle that left the scene of an accident after colliding with the motorcycle.

The suspect who police say is a white woman was driving a white SUV with a Texas tag, there was also a male passanger inside the vehicle at the time of the collison.

The accident also involved  an 18-wheeler who also left the scene.

Any informationabout the crash contact Daphne Police


Daphne, AL (WKRG)

Authorities in Daphne looking into a fatal motorcycle crash that killed one person and crippled traffic on both sides of the bay for more than three hours Saturday. The crash happened at about 9:30 Saturday morning.  From the eastbound side, I watched first responders and traffic investigators comb the scene.  I watched a small group of motorcyclists, who were presumably traveling with the victim, stand vigil.  A single Harley Davidson stood upright on I-10 as the victim’s body lay nearby.

A group of men who were presumably riding with the victim waited along the side of the interstate as traffic homicide officials investigated.

Traffic slowed on the opposite side, I-10 east, and traffic was completely stopped westbound at the Malbis exit.  Since people couldn’t get back on the I-10 west at the Eastern Shore Shopping Center, drivers had to find other ways to work around the mess or wait it out.

“I’ll probably pull over and see if it will subside,” said Phillip Owens from the driver’s seat of his truck at a red light.  Saturday mornings in Baldwin County are one of the busiest travel times of the week, especially during the summer.  Myrle Swope and her family have been in traffic for three hours trying to inch through the half-mile of their journey.

“It’s very frustrating I don’t understand, I understand there’s a traffic fatality and I’m not sure, and I’m really really I feel bad about getting upset but hopefully we’re going to make it home,” said Swope.  I-10 reopened roughly four hours after the fatal wreck but the backup still lingered for people trying to get to their destinations. The cause of that crash is still under investigation. While it was showering intermittently SAturday morning it’s not clear if weather played a role in this death.

A single Harley Davidson motorcycle stood upright near the victim’s body.


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