AJ McCarron shares powerful message about the importance of family

AJ McCarron spoke about the importance of family at his youth camp.

Mobile native and former Alabama star AJ McCarron hosted his third annual youth football camp Saturday afternoon at Baker High School.

While much of the morning was spent working on football drills, the current Cincinnati Bengal also took time to speak about the importance of family.

“My family doesn’t come from a lot at all. There was many a time that we didn’t have cable, or the phone didn’t work or sometimes power just because we couldn’t pay it,” said the quarterback. “My parents always said we don’t have a lot but we do have our last name, always carry that with pride and make other people recognize that name whenever we go places and it’s always good thoughts about our name.”

McCarron told the campers this message, giving a whole new meaning to the name on the back of the jersey.

The afternoon was also special for McCarron, because he got to share it with his family.

“To have my son out here, to see him, I mean how much he’s grown since last year, and my mom does an unbelievable job putting this together,” said McCarron.

“Truly am thankful for the small circle I have around me. They do a great job,” said the quarterback.

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