What’s Working: Ministry for Needy is “More Than Just a Hot Meal”

A small historic church in Mobile has started a ministry for the less fortunate in the community, and it now it’s booming. First Christian Church on Government Street has a full house during their once-a-week free lunches. They started the ministry for the homeless and those on a fixed income a few years ago. At first, they didn’t have a lot of people show up, but now they have over 200 people weekly. Pastor Lee Hixon says the lunches are a way to minister to those in need.

“To our people who come regularly, it’s a place where they meet as friends and family. A number have started to come to church on Sundays.” Hixon adds that “as long as God provides the resources, we will continue to feed the homeless and the poor in our community.”

Volunteers David and Clara Ellis have been with the ministry from the beginning. They purchase the food every week. They try to be a blessing to those in need. David says, “We are just all family. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun.” Clara adds, “We try to wait on the tables as if they are in the cafe.”

Mom, Jessica Gorge, is enjoying a free lunch with her daughter, Johnice. She is grateful. “I love it. I like what they are doing.” Allen Welch says after this meal, “it’s hard to say where his next meal will come from.” He appreciates the church’s generosity because he has fallen on hard times.

In addition, volunteers at the church provide free haircuts. There is also a clothes closet where needy people can pick out a clean outfit and pair of shoes.

The ministry is looking for donations, either monetary, clothes, or shoes. If you would like to drop off shoes, you can do so at McCoy Outdoors on Springhill Avenue near I-65. Clothes can be dropped off at First Christian Church at 1419 Government Street. Pastor Hixon can be reached at (251) 473-7979.


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