Ongoing Pill Mill Investigation Nets Another Conviction

MOBILE, Ala (WKRG)–  A high-level manager with the pharmaceutical company at the center of a conspiracy that landed two prominent pain physicians in federal has pleaded guilty in federal court.  Karen Hill, a former Regional Manager for Insys Therapeutics, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to “orchestrating the systematic payment of kickbacks” to doctors in exchange for prescribing Subsys.

Local pain management doctors Xiulu Ruan and Patrick Couch were both found guilty in federal court and sentenced to 21 years and 20 years, respectively.

According to acting US Attorney Steve Butler, the kickbacks were arranged through speaking engagements during which the doctors were to promote the drug to others in the pain management field.  In earlier court documents, the US government alleged that many of these engagements were attended by only family and close friends of the doctors.  In her plea agreement, Hill admitted that the speaking programs were “merely a pretext to through which Insys could line the pockets of certain doctors.”

Hill is scheduled to be sentenced in January 2018.



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