Scam Busters: Grandparent Phone Scam Caught On Camera

scam phone call pic

Originally, I went to interview Helen Taylor about a scam phone call she got from a cop impersonator, but while I was there, she got another scam phone call–this one from someone claiming to be her grandson.

“Hello, Steve? What’s the problem? I love you too dear, what’s the matter?” says Taylor.

The caller tells her he was in a car accident with another woman in Delaware.

“Oh I see, she ran the stop sign?”

He also said she would be getting a call from his attorney soon. Sure enough, the attorney impersonator called, asking for money.

“Oh, he needs a bail bond, the bail was set at $2500,” says the scammer.

Taylor played along, but then finally told him the gig was up.

“You know this is a scam, don’t you?” says Taylor.

The man then argued, trying to tell her there really was someone in danger, but–

“Goodbye! I said goodbye!” says Taylor.

The scammer could be overheard saying “She didn’t fall for it” before he hung up.

“If they used the right name, it really would be upsetting!” says Taylor.

Experts say if you ever get a call like that, hang up, and call your real grandson or granddaughter or their parents to make sure they are not in any danger.

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