Former Gov. Robert Bentley fighting for reinstatement of pistol permit

Governor Bentley's angry stare at News 5's Bill Riales, who asked a question about impeachment proceedings.

(WIAT) — Former Governor Robert Bentley has filed an appeal to contest the revocation of his pistol permit by the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, according to court documents.

The documents state that Bentley, who was issued the permit on May 12, 2014, received notice of its revocation on June 17 in a letter from Deputy Sheriff Bryon D. Waid that was dated April 14. The letter reportedly stated that the permit had been revoked as proof was made that “[Governor Bentley] was not a proper person” to be licensed.

In an attachment, a letter from Waid reportedly stated that “there is reasonable suspicion that the applicant/permit holder has a pending criminal proceeding, causing justifiable concern for public safety.”

You can read the court filing in full below:

Read Robert Bentley’s Pistol Permit Appeal

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