Senior Files Complaint Over Conservative Reading List

In a 13 page complaint, 12th grader Julia Coccaro wants the school board to investigate Mr. Gene Ponder’s use of what she calls

“A biased curriculum and instruction as a means of swaying the minds of students toward his own political beliefs.”


At issue is a summer reading list ponder assigned to his students including conservative authors.

School Superintendent Eddie Tyler has responded to the criticism of the reading list with a statement, “The content of the list might be of concern to some people, but it wasn’t my concern. The failure of the teacher to follow the process was my concern.”


Tyler also stated that he spoke with the teacher and he admitted he did not go through the proper vetting process. Tyler told him in the future to read the books on his reading list and recommend the books to The Social Studies Departmental Committee for review.

In her complaint, Coccaro is also calling for an investigation into the breakdown in leadership that led to Mr. Ponder being able to present unapproved curriculum for as long as four years.

SFHS Complaint_Secure


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