Search Continues for Missing Marine Vet’s Therapy Dog in Baldwin County

Tito is a therapy dog for a Baldwin County Marine veteran. He’s been missing since the Fourth of July.  A week later, the search continues.

Another search begins with a prayer, “Thank you for the 11 years that I had him. Please allow me to be a little selfish and have him a little longer,” prays Simon Flarity who has been without his therapy dog Tito for a week now.

Two dozen strangers and friends headed into thick woods Tuesday night for a different kind of search. This time hoping not to find Tito. “Our object tonight is to disprove the theory that Tito got run over, got injured and he found a comfortable place to lay down and go to heaven,” says Flarity.

A certified therapy dog, Tito helps Flarity deal with memories from two tours of duty as a Marine. He has been missing since the Fourth of July from his home on Magnolia River in Magnolia Springs.

Searching for the dog has become Flarity’s life over the last week. He has searched every place, run down every lead and still, no Tito. “Every day is a battle, every day is a challenge.”

After traipsing through the woods, battling the elements and darkness, this search ends. Tito is still missing but Flarity isn’t giving up. “I’m going to bring Tito home.”

Tito is a white and gray pit bull, neutered male. He is wearing a black collar and he is micro-chipped. There is a reward for his return. If you have any information that could help Tito find his way back home please call Simon Flarity at (251) 214-5176.

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