New Details in Grisly Pensacola Murder

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG)–  New details have emerged through court papers into the grizzly murder of Drulmauert Mims whose body was discovered last month buried in a yard on Sullivan Street.  Extradition papers filed with Governor Rick Scott’s office against Desiree Tedder allege a violent and vicious attack occurred as the 23-year-old slept.

23-year-old Drulmauert Mims

According to the documents, Lizmary Rodriguez told investigators she was asleep in the bed with Mims on the night of March 29, 2017, in the home of Tedder’s grandmother when she woke up to Tedder striking Mims with a crowbar in the head.  Rodriguez continued that although injured, Mims was still moving and Tedder then took a “kitchen type knife” and began stabbing Mims.  Rodriguez said “Mims was still alive but appeared to be choking on his own blood” and Tedder then “took a pillow and began suffocating Mims until he was unresponsive.”

Rodriguez told investigators that Tedder then went outside, got a trash can and rolled up Mims body in a carpet or tarp and placed the body in the trash can.  Tedder threatened to kill her if she did not help and keep quiet, according to Rodriguez.  Tedder then rolled the trash can outside and placed other trash around it.

After several days, family members of Mims came by looking for Mims.  This caused Tedder to finally move the body, according to the documents, and “Tedder dug a hole, using a shovel, approximately 6 feet deep, and buried the trash can with Mims in it.”

The extradition paperwork has also been filed with District Attorney’s office in Massachusetts where Desiree Tedder was arrested.

Read the full report here.




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