Firefighters Save Puppies from House Fire

Photo Credit: Biloxi Fire Department

BILOXI, Miss. (WKRG) — Biloxi firefighters were able to save four lives on Monday, four caged puppies that were discovered inside of a burning house in east Biloxi.

The firefighters responded to a house fire on Crawford Street Monday afternoon.

During a primary search, Capt. Otto Vuyovich heard what sounded like whining puppies.

“We were venting the structure for smoke and I heard the puppies,” Vuyovich said. “I immediately pulled out the cage and one was moving while the other three seemed to be passed out.”

Firefighter James Landry began caring for the four young pups.

“When I opened the cage, one pup actually walked out and another soon followed,” Landry said. “But two were visibily in distress.”

Landry and Biloxi Police Officer Byran Wallace administered oxygen to the two pups for about 15 minutes before they regained consciousness and began breathing on their own.

Nineteen firefighters responded to the blaze, which was brought under control in 10 to 15 minutes. No injuries to civilians or firefighters were reported, and the department is investigating the cause of the fire.
The pups, meantime, may be headed to the Harrison County Humane Society.

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