Shark Bites Man, Full Recovery is Expected

HAULOVER BEACH, Florida (CNN) — One man is recovering after a weekend shark attack in Florida.  The beach-goer was bit at Haulover Beach on Sunday.

Although his legs were bloody, he’s expected to make a full recovery.

A beach-goer is recording on his cell phone. the moment he spots danger lurking nearby.

“I just got to the beach, I was going to jump into the water and I heard all the whistles trying to get everyone out of the water,” said witness Donovan Cecil.

Lifeguards at Haulover Beach struggled to get the attention of swimmers. “When it came closer you could see it was a pretty big shark in the water,” said Cecil.

Some people swam back to shore while others were apparently scared stiff of the unusual sight. There were people swimming right next to the shark and others standing within feet from it.

And before everyone could clear the water…the shark attacked.

Cecil said, “It started getting closer to the people in the sandbar and they tried to get out–one guy it went straight towards him and bit his leg— pulled him– and gave him a little tug– and I was freaking out.”

This is a photo snapped by a witness which shows Miami-Dade Fire Rescue treating the male victim who had serious gashes on both of his legs. 

Experts believe a 4 or 5 foot long bull shark, a type of shark that can grow to nearly 300 pounds, is to blame.  Attacks against humans usually don’t happen.

Lt. Matthew Sparling with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue said, “It’s extremely rare, this is the first shark attack in Miami-Dade county that I’ve been aware of after 20 years in ocean rescue.”

The Bull shark eventually disappeared at sea and the beaches along Haulover and Sunny Isles were ultimately declared safe.  “I think he’ll be okay but it could’ve been a lot worse” said Cecil.

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