First Funding Documents of Jones Mayoral Run Show Continued Money Gap With Stimpson

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

We’re getting our first glimpse of campaign finance records since Sam Jones announced he was once again running for mayor more than three weeks ago.  Documents show a continued fundraising gap with Mayor Sandy Stimpson that was in place before Jones made his decision.

These are the first documents since Jones announcement and they only cover the last two weeks of June.  If Jones is able to mount an effective campaign and win it may be an even bigger upset than when Stimpson ran as the challenger four years ago.

When Jones made his announcement in mid-June he barely had more than $700 left over from his previous campaign.  The latest records show he has been working.  His campaign raised $7,250 in cash contributions and ended the period with $6,335.61.

Sandy Stimpson’s campaign continues to outpace Jones and may have had its biggest single month ever in June.  The campaign reported raising $242,393 in cash contributions.  The campaign reported an ending balance in June of $459,552.51.

The fundraising shows where people are putting their money but the election four years ago came down to turnout.  Who got their base more motivated to come out to the polls.  That will be extremely important on August 22nd.


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