Flesh Eating Warning: Some Staying Out of Waters, Others Not Worried



Mobile County, AL (WKRG)It’s that time of year again. State officials are warning people to watch out for vibrio vulnificus. Infections can be damaging or deadly.  The water at Chickasabogue Park is an unlikely spot for a Vibrio infection. Just one of the reasons Tina Beck is on a boat up here instead of somewhere farther south.

“Yeah we actually didn’t go to the Gulf today,” said Beck.  This week News 5 reported about three confirmed cases of Vibrio investigated by the Mobile county health department. The flesh eating bacteria can hit when people get in or near salty bodies of water with open wounds. Some people are more fearless than others.

“I’ve lived here all my life, when I have a cut it kind of heals me up, I’ve never had no complaints,” said Tray from Eight Mile.  For many people, the concern about vibrio has been around for a long time but they still take heed.  Glen Carr is scouting a spot for his great grandchild’s first birthday last week. He says he takes the warnings seriously–and even with the slightest scratch on his body, he says he’s staying dry.

Glen Carr, Wilmer: “Very concerned myself, and I do have cuts and bruises yeah, I’m going to stay out of the water,” said Glen Carr with a laugh.  For those who do get in state health officials say people with open wounds should wash after swimming to lower the risk of infection.  Over the last year the state health department has reported 30 cases of vibrio and conducted 33 investigations into the illness.

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