Good Sport: Baybears making little leaguers dreams come true

The Semmes 5U All-Star team took the field with the Baybears Friday night in Mobile.

MOBILE, Ala. – Taking the field is nothing new to a professional baseball player, but the Mobile Baybears give it a whole new meaning

“The Field of Dreams program is something we’ve done for quite some time now. Area little league teams have the opportunity to come to a game with a discount ticket, come on the field with the players for the National Anthem and get a hot dog and a drink. It’s just a lot of fun,” said Baybears general manager Chris Morgan.

That’s right, the Baybears help showcase some of Alabama’s rising baseball stars.

“I can’t say enough about the Baybears organization. Anytime we need anything for these kids, they’re always there for us,” said Semmes All Star coach Mike Lee.

This week, the Semmes 5 and under All-Star team took part in the Field of Dreams pregame festivities. I mean what better way to celebrate their Cal Ripken State Championship?

“It was an awesome experience for these guys they worked hard all year long,” said Lee. “To see them out there on that field, that’s their dream to play with the big guys, it was just an awesome feeling.”

Now the Baybears have done this since the team’s inaugural season in 1997. 50 to 60 teams will participate in the event each year. The Field of Dreams program has really helped connect the community to their team.

“People love seeing these little kids run on the field. And for the kids it’s such a thrill for them to stand next to professional baseball players and sing the National Anthem,” said Morgan.

And who knows, maybe someday these All-Stars will be suiting up for the Baybears.

“Just an awesome group of kids, just look for them one day out here on this field playing,” said Lee.

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