Fairhope’s Kilborn Clinic Fights Cancer With State of the Art Tech

kilborn clinic inside


The USA Mitchell Cancer Institute Kilborn Clinic opened to patients on Wednesday, and will provide state of the art technology in detecting and treating cancer.

“And we will have radiation therapy and a CT scanner, the latest in technology. The CT scanner is called 4D technology and that means it can image a moving target, and then the radiation technology can treat that moving target, so it’s absolutely amazing,” says Dr. Mike Finan with USA Mitchell Cancer Institute.

At 14,000 square feet, this clinic doubles the amount of room they were sharing at Thomas Hospital. There are nine exam rooms for people just coming in to get checked out. And in the back are 16 very comfortable recliners for those receiving chemotherapy infusions.

“And it’s mixed to order, kind of like an executive chef makes your dinner to order. The chemotherapy is not mixed until the blood work is ready and the patient is seen to be fit for infusion,” says Finan.

The room has an open concept to encourage socialization, but there are private rooms for those who want quiet, or have infections or who are immunocompromised.

They finally have enough room to conduct clinical trials at this facility which means they dedicate more time to research, which can help produce cures.

“We’re doing cutting edge research here that you would typically have to travel to Houston or Atlanta or New York to get access to,” says Finan.

They’ll also have someone onsite for nutritional counseling and nurse navigators to help patients in every aspect of life after being diagnosed and their process through treatment.

The Kilborn Clinic is named for Vince Kilborn, a philanthropist and prominent attorney who has even worked with now President Donald Trump in years past. It was Kilborn’s family history with cancer that prompted him to get involved, donating $1.5 million to the center.

“My father died of pancreatic cancer, my Uncle John died of brain cancer, I mean we just had a lot of it, but there’s a lot of it in the community. It’s a scourge that needs to be stamped out,” says Kilborn.

And now this state of the art facility will serve one of the fastest growing counties in the state, not to mention northwest Florida.

“So I can’t wait to just go over there and sit quietly in the waiting room and watch patients get new hope because that’s really what we’re going to bring,” says Kilborn.

And if you want, you can reach out to the Mitchell Cancer Institute if you’d like to make a donation to the facility and have an exam room or office named in honor or in memory of someone.

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