After Two Hour Gunfire Man Stripped Naked

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Washington (CBS)  —  A gunman on a boat who had just stripped naked hours after firing several shots at the shoreline of Bainbridge Island, Washington was shot by police officers after pointing the gun at them. The gunman’s condition is not known at this time.

There are no reports of anyone else injured.

The city of Bainbridge Island announced just after 1 a.m. PT on Sunday, July 9 that the active shooter situation is over.

Bainbridge Island Police spokesperson Kellie Stickney says the gunman began firing shots from a boat around 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 8 and when officers arrived, he began aiming his shots toward them.

The gunfire lasted about two hours.

As King County’s Guardian One police helicopter hovered overhead, police used measures such as flash bangs and some sort of smoking devices to get the gunman to surrender, according to witnesses at the scene.

The gunman then appeared on the boat’s deck in the nude about 12:30 a.m. on Sunday July 9, according to a KOMO photographer at the scene. The photographer said the gunman climbed back into the cabin of the main boat, emerged with a rifle and aimed it at the officers. Police then opened fire, hitting the man.

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