Blue Angels Perform to Thousands at Pensacola Beach Air Show

blue angels pensacola beach


Afraid the weather might put them off, The Blue Angels took the skies 15 minutes early this afternoon, but no one seemed to mind!

“This was just like, wow! Like, there they are, there they go, and there they are again! It was just awesome!” says Cheryl Schmidt.

The weather held off a little, but they did run an abbreviated show because of lightning. But no matter what kind of show, you can’t beat the sand between your toes while watching the sky.

“Here on the beach is perfect, the beach is my favorite place so having an air show on the beach—perfect combination!” says Hannah Sielk.

And the one thing about the Blues is they never get old, no matter how many times you see them.

“I watched them growing up on my roof, I love them! It gives me chills every time they fly over!” says Nicole Dunn.

“What I like about the air show is watching everybody else enjoy the air show cause we get to see the Blue Angels fly around all the time,” says Brittany McMillan.

Lots of people drove hours to get here today, but one man came all the way from France! He’s a pilot, and when he heard about the Blues, he just had to come see them for himself!

Folks came out bright and early too—the Casino Beach parking lot was full by 6:00 am!

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