Veteran’s Bike Stolen While Visiting VA Hospital for PTSD

INDIANAPOLIS (WTTV) Retired staff sergeant Jeremy Winters says working on his bike was a form of therapy as he deals with PTSD and other injuries from tours overseas. Now, he`s hoping police can track down the person who managed to steal it outside the Roudebush VA hospital in Indianapolis. “I thought you gotta be kidding there`s no way my bike was stolen,” said Winters, “it’s pretty brazen really, it`s just not right. I don`t steal from other people, I worked for it.”

He says he worked on the bike for years, it held a special place in his heart, “it was kind of therapy, a feeling of freedom, the last thing that left a little bit of adrenaline.” It was also a way to heal from the physical and mental injuries of his career as a staff sergeant, serving tours to Afghanistan and Iraq, “I was medically retired I broke some vertebrae fractured my skull and did a lot of other damage. “I was in the infantry and as long as you can keep going, you do.”

Those injuries and his struggles with PTSD mean he comes to the VA hospital about three times a week. He felt safe leaving his motorcycle outside the hospital on June 21st. He walked out two hours later and the motorcycle was gone. “To build that bike it`s probably 20,000 dollars – 25,000 dollars. I`m not going to be able to do that again. I`m retired now. I`m on fixed income,” says Winters. VA police say surveillance video helped them identify a suspect in this case. They`re not releasing video yet because the case is still open.

Winters has come to accept his bike is gone, but says he wants to get justice. “I`d just like to see the person who took it held accountable for it. I understand why he wanted it but I wanted it too I made it that way.” Police say they do not believe the suspect is affiliated with the hospital in any way. They`re working with prosecutors to move the case forward and try to get his bike back

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