News 5’s Hayley Minogue Joins Fat Albert Crew for Friday Dress Rehearsal



The dips, dodges, and crazy stunts!  The Blue Angels portion of the air show will begin with the all Marine manned C-130 Hercules, Fat Albert.  Bert may not be as small as the F/A-18’s, or as quick, but as News 5’s Hayley Minogue found out, some of the maneuvers the C-130 can do will still bring you out of your seat!

After the flight briefings finished up, it was time to climb aboard Fat Albert.  As Bert took off from NAS Pensacola, the exciting climb wasn’t just fun because of the incline, but also because of the weightlessness when Bert evened out.

After a few circles, it was time to start the airshow.  Major Mark Hamilton says this show holds a special place in his list of favorites.

“When we go fly somewhere else, there may be some family or so that travel to the show site to watch you fly,” Maj Hamilton said.  “But here you know your friends, families, communities make up that crowd. You’re performing for them and that just lifts you up and makes this one one of the best shows we do all year long.”

As Bert buzzes the beach, Major Hamilton says he hopes the next generation is inspired to work hard.

“What we do out there is the product of many many hours of hard work and teamwork,” Maj Hamilton said.  “That teamwork of the Navy-Marine Corp team put together is only a small spectrum of what the rest of the Navy and Marine Corps and all our armed services do on a day to day basis.”

So when you see Fat Albert, make sure to wave.  Major Hamilton may wave back.

“They can wave all they want, I’ll wave back,” Maj Hamilton said with a chuckle.  “I’ll dip the wings 60 degrees and I’ll hold it.”

The best place to find the latest on the Airshow in relation to possible weather conditions and if they change the show will be on the Blue Angels social media pages.  News 5 will monitor those pages, and bring you the latest on our website and Facebook pages.

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