“He saves me every day” Marine Veteran Searches for Missing Service Dog

Simon Flarity and Tito

Simon Flarity served two tours of duty as a Marine. He saw the plane fly into the Pentagon on 911. He fought house to house in Fallujah, but he’s never been through anything quite like this: A part of Flarity is missing.

“Keep a lookout for me, thank you so much.”

His 52-pound pit bull and therapy dog, Tito hasn’t been seen in days. “The connection I have with him, he’s family,” Flarity said. “He’s my son. I love him. I need him. I need him every day.”

Fourth of July fireworks sent the dog into flight mode. “He just went and he never stopped,” Flarity said. “We haven’t been able to find him since.”

Posters are plastered throughout South Baldwin County.

Family, friends, even strangers are doing what they can.

“Seeing just how much people care, how much people want to see my dog make it back home.”

But this isn’t just any dog. For 11 years, Tito has helped this Marine veteran combat demons that still haunt him.

“In my daily routine, I tend to resort back to some memories that are difficult, and Tito is very helpful,” Flarity said.

Flarity may have rescued Tito, but Tito rescued Flarity everyday.

“He pays attention to me, and he will actually snap me out of my episodes,” Flarity said. “He saves me, everyday.”

So for this veteran, Tito is not only his best friend: he’s his lifeline. Flarity wants nothing more than to find him.

The pit is described as a gentle, sweet dog who loves a snack from the fridge every now and then.

He’s white and gray with large ears (one is beginning to droop). He was last seen wearing a black nylon collar with tags. He’s also micro-chipped. There is $1,000 cash reward for his return.

If you have seen him or know where he is, please call Simon Flarity at (251)-214-5176.

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