Water Cannons Used on G20 Protesters in Germany

HAMBURG, Germany (CBS) — Thousands of protesters from around Europe started marching through the German city of Hamburg on Thursday as part of the main demonstration against the G20 summit, dubbed “Welcome to Hell” by the alliance of anti-capitalist groups who organized it.

Police earlier said they expected around 100,000 protesters in the port city, some 8,000 of whom are deemed by security forces to be ready to commit violence. Up to 20,000 police officers will be on hand for the main demonstration.

Tens of thousands could be seen on the streets with flags and signs, while those marching wore black outfits and hats as a demonstration of their view that the G20 has failed to solve many of the issues threatening world peace.

As protesters prepared to start their march, hundreds of riot police in full gear lined the main street . Water cannons were thrown into the street to displace the demonstrators. Police in white helmets are seen walking in large groups near the city center.

Shopkeepers on the street, fearing possible damage to their property, either shut up for the day or bolstered up their windows with wooden planks.

An unexpected protest of about 2,000 people also took place in Hamburg’s Altona Volkspark and moved onto the train, according to local police.

President Trump and other world leaders will meet Friday and Saturday.




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