Confirmed Cases of Flesh Eating Bacteria in Mobile


Vibrio vulnificus –better known as flesh-eating bacteria — has reached the Port City.

According to Barbara Gibbs with the Mobile County Health Department, two cases are related to open wounds being exposed to the water around Mobile and one case is from eating raw oysters in another state.

Vibrio usually shows up in the summer months. It’s a bacteria that is naturally occurring in warmer water. Those exposed to it will see symptoms within 24-72 hours. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, blisters around the wounded areas, swelling, and redness.

vibrio leg

In extreme cases, the affected area needed to be amputated. We have also seen deaths occur from Vibrio. However, Gibbs says 80% of the time, if people get to the doctor within 24 hours of infection, they should be fine. Gibbs suggests treating the affected area immediately after contamination. That includes thoroughly washing the area with soap and water and disinfecting it with rubbing alcohol.

Experts warn everyone to be on high alert if they plan to get in the water this summer and make sure that all shellfish and oysters are cooked properly.

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