Protest Planned Tonight After Man Says Police Beat Him for Jaywalking

(CNN) A civil rights activist in Arizona is calling for protest after what he believes was a case of police brutality. He says video shows a man being beaten by police for jaywalking. The cell phone video is a little fuzzy and the audio hard to hear. But you can clearly see two Mesa police officers engaged in a confrontation with a man on the street last Monday night.

Jason Barton/Claims He Was Beaten: “They got out of the car ready to whip some *beep*, ” says Jason Barton, the man police were taking into custody.  He insists he was doing nothing wrong  when officers accused him of jaywalking , then came after him, “they tackled me one grabs my hand this way. The other grabs my hand this way,  telling me to stop resisting arrest.”

“We see in the video him being repeatedly punched in the head, kicked in the stomach and back. He was kicked so hard in back that he urinated in himself when he was beaten,” says  Rev. Jarrett Maupin of Fellowship Baptist Church who stood next to Barton Wednesday calling for the immediate firing of the officers and an independent investigation.  He says it’s a case of racial profiling.

“My first question to the officers is if that was your son, daughter, mother, father, best friend , black,  white,  yellow, brown would you beat them the way you beat my son?” asked Barton’s mother.

Maupin is organizing a peaceful protest Thursday night in front of Mesa police headquarters that will expand into the community, “because they choose to beat Jason for jaywalking we are bringing in hundreds of black people to jaywalk in the city of Mesa and we’re going to start tomorrow night on Country Club and Mesa and parts of downtown.”

The Mesa police department has not commented on the incident or Maupin’s planned protest. The protest is scheduled for Thursday night at seven at police headquarters.

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