City of Mobile Unveils New Bike Safety Signs

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — During a rainy afternoon press conference on Old Shell Road Thursday, city leaders and representatives from the Delta Bike Project unveiled the first of 25 cycling safety signs that illustrate the state’s “three feet rule.”

“We have a growing number of cyclists that we have to recognize,” Councilmember John Williams said, “somebody asked me earlier, ‘ well what do you do to make that three feet if the road is only 10 feet wide?’ Well, you stay behind the bike. This is really about safety for everyone, that we understand the rules of the road.”

Mayor Sandy Stimpson said this is part of their commitment to making Mobile a more bikeable and walkable city. “There’s a commitment every time we rebuild a street by trying to make sure we have a dedicated bicycle lane. So, that process will continue on. But, so many streets, like Old Shell Road where we are today, do not have the room for a dedicated lane, so that’s where the signage will come in,” Stimpson said.

The signs will be spaced throughout the city at popular cycling locations.

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