Watch: Several Manatees Spotted Near Dog River

TILLMAN’S CORNER, AL (WKRG) — It’s not something you see everyday — a family of manatees in Alabama waters.

Neighbors in Tillman’s Corner who live off of Dog River called News 5 on Wednesday morning after a group of seven manatees passed through the small creek that runs by their backyards.

Tim Jackson sent News 5 video of the sighting, six or seven manatees swimming in a creek off of the Dog River. He tells News 5 that some of the animals, spotted in the  area appeared to be possibly babies, perhaps that it was a family of manatees in the creek.

Manatees broadly use habitats along the Alabama coastline including the many tributaries and embayments of Mobile Bay and the Mobile-Tensaw Delta.  Largely herbivores, manatees prefer shallow water habitats with abundant vegetation, which in our area includes freshwater and brackish water vegetation found largely in our local river systems.  We most often get sightings of single manatees, but have documented group of up to 17 animals in past years and up to 13 animals just this summer.  Often these groups are mating herds consisting of a focal female and numerous males that will travel together for several weeks. — Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Experts say manatees are actually somewhat common to the area. They are also protected, so they ask that people not go out searching for them. If you see a manatee you are asked however to report the sighing, which you can do by clicking here.


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