Watch: Firefighter Won’t Be Charged in Gun Battle With Neighbor



JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — There won’t be charges filed against a Johnson County man who shot his neighbor after video showed the man was provoked.

In late June, 59-year-old Jeff Weigle was shot by Dean Keller, 49, in the 1200 block of Campbell Road (County Road 550 East), between Clark School Road and East Main Street.

The Johnson County Prosector’s Office has determined that Keller acted in self-defense and he will not be charged. Weigle may faces charges “if and when he recovers,” according to the prosecutor’s office.

Video released in the case shows Weigle pull a gun out and point it at Keller while riding a lawnmower.

Warning: This video contains graphic violence.



Earlier in the video, Weigle approaches Keller’s fence and says, “hey, a******,” and “I see you got the s*** out.” Keller was working in his yard with his wife.

Weigle then rides off on his lawnmower, then backs up before showing his gun to Keller. Keller then pulled out his gun and shot Weigle four times in the chest. Weigle also fired his weapon.

Weigle rents a room from a woman next-door. She said the gun Weigle had is actually hers and that he didn’t have permission to use it. She believes he took it from under her pillow.

When investigators arrived on the scene, Weigle was found on the kitchen floor. Emergency medical services’ crews rushed him to IU Health Methodist Hospital, where he is in critical condition.

Investigators said 15 reported incidents dating back to 2009 occurred between the men. Keller’s parents live next-door to their son. They said they hope this incident will prompt a positive change between the two.

“Even though he perpetrated it, still, it was hard on my son, hard on the family,” said Jerry Keller.

Jackie Keller added, “I’m glad he defended himself. I would hate to think that he and his wife were laying out on the ground.”

Keller is an active firefighter with the Indianapolis Fire Department.

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