Man Recovering After Gov’t St Road Rage Shooting


It was just over a month ago that Wayne Dean was shot while driving down Government Street. On May 31 he says a woman pull up next to him and opened fire in an apparent fit of road rage.

“I guess they thought I was going to come in and cut them off or drift in their lane or something and they blew the horn and I stopped at the light and put my arm up like hey I’m sorry and as soon as she pulled up I could see she had a gun and that’s when she fired into my car,” said Dean.

The window of his car shattered and fragments pierced his arm. Dean was able to steer his car into a car wash parking lot at the Loop where and employee called police.

Since the shooting, it’s been a long recovery for Dean. He is still missing feeling in some of his fingers and hasn’t been able to work.

Dean’s family has set up a Facebook fundraiser to help cover his medical expenses.

The police are still looking for the shooter. She is described as a black middle aged woman driving a silver car.

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