Miami Police: Cat Killer Arrested

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (WFOR) —  Miami Beach Police arrested a hotel clerk they say shot an arrow at the head of a stray cat.

Wednesday morning police said they arrested and charged 36-year-old Georgios Lollias, with Animal Cruelty and Tampering with Evidence.

His arrest stems from an investigation that started back in April after a cat that resided in and around The Franklin Hotel on Collins Avenue was struck twice with a crossbow.

The cat, named Strushie, suffered irreparable injuries and was euthanized by a veterinarian.

Police say the cat lived in the area for years — that he was actually born there and cared for by the previous owner of the hotel. According to investigators — they were able to get evidence by getting the hotel surveillance video. Getting that video is also part of the investigation.

The idea of a cat being killed after being shot by arrows has many in the area stunned.

A nearby resident, Aaron Pope, reacted saying, “That is terrible. We’re south Florida. There’s cats everywhere. We take care of them, we take care of our cats here.”

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