Urgent Blood Need

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (WCSC) — The summer months present a dip in blood donations…so the Red Cross is asking anyone who can, to find a way to donate.


According to the American Red Cross every two seconds someone in the U-S needs blood or platelets.
From June through August leaders with the non profit say they see a shortage in blood donations as opposed to other times of the year.

Candy Oliver, Business Development Manager at the American Red Cross states, “Just simply because they’re on vacation, they’re traveling, they’re not on their normal routine, but our patients still need the blood.”

The American Red Cross tries to hold as many blood drives as possible during the summer months to spread the word and get people to lend an arm.

“In South Carolina we’ve seen about 560 fewer donations than we typically do, which is significant. We try to collect 500 units a day, so that’s a whole day right there,” says Oliver.


Blood donations take roughly 30-45 minutes, while the platelet process can take up to two hours.

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