Gulf Shores Attracting Huge Crowds

Gulf Shores was a beautiful sight on this July 4th, with a sea of people frolicking in the water. Colorful umbrellas, music, and kites create a fun and laid back atmosphere. However traveling to a spot where everyone wants to be can be a headache. “It was pretty packed. The streets were like…traffic was heavy”, said Benjamin Maxwell.

Thousands were willing to go with the flow of heavy traffic through several states for a chance to play on Baldwin County beaches. “I love them. They’re great”, said Danika Dubose of Texas.

Businesses also cashed in on the holiday traffic serving more meals and drinks. “Everybody just coming in the beach to see what we offer here in Gulf Shores and here at the Pink it’s been very busy”, said Kevin Sutton with The Pink Pony Pub.

“Oh yeah. it’s worth it. We come down every fourth. We’re here every year”, said Robert Chapman.


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