Remembrance for Tow Truck Driver Killed in Train Crash

Courtesy Tracey Holmes



Saraland, AL (WKRG)

Tow truck drivers from around the region are paying tribute to one of their own. Corey Arnold died in a crash this past week. His tow truck was hit by a train. People who work at Pitts & Sons in Saraland say he was a beloved driver. He was nicknamed “Mad Dog” in part due to a perpetual scowl he seemed to have on his face. That gruff exterior hid a heart of gold according to friends and co-workers. Friends say he wasn’t afraid to tell you what he thought and he would always help you no matter what. They say he’s one of these guys who will always be remembered and always missed.

Frank Lee, Supervisor Dispatcher: “He really was a nice guy, he gave you that impression at first he was closed off and then if you needed something or if he saw that you were struggling, we called him mad dog, if you were part of his pack he’d give you the shirt off his back,” said Supervisor Dispatcher Frank Lee.  To pay tribute to “Corey’s Last Call” they’re planning a procession for dozens of tow trucks and first responder vehicles to leave Pitts & Sons in Saraland at 6 p.m. Sunday evening and head to Ceola Park for a balloon release.   An investigation into the crash is still underway. Co-workers believe he was trying to move a utility truck when his truck may have been stuck on the tracks.

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