WATCH: Officer Sings “You Are My Sunshine” To Blind Woman

LOGAN, Utah (CNN) — It’s the serenade that’s sure to make your day.

Police bodycam video captures a Utah Officer serenading an elderly blind woman after she asks him to sing. It all started in Shirley Hardman’s kitchen when her microwave started acting up.

“Well it was a first time for me. I’ve never been called to fix a household appliance before” said Officer Kristian Johnson.

As Officer Johnson rushed to Shirley’s home dispatch let him know, Shirley is blind and that a month ago her oven caught on fire, destroying her kitchen.

When he got there Shirley told him what she was trying to do, “but the microwave wouldn’t stop beeping and I didn’t want a second house fire.”  Officer Johnson’s body cam was rolling while the two were in the kitchen.

After Johnson stopped the beeping he attempted to leave when Shirley thought, “you just got here and could hardly stand to tell him good bye.”  Officer Johnson asked if there was anything more he could do and Shirley quickly responded with, “can you sing?”.

Officer Johnson’s instantly responded with “no I don’t, I’m not a good singer.”  He said, “I knew at that moment that this sweet lady wanted a song and there was no way I was going to say no to her again.”
She asked him to sing “You Are My Sunshine.”

Officer Johnson said, “she turned pretty quickly and her expression changed.”

Hardman said, “it was simply grand. Just warm and wonderful and lovely and so personal.”

“It was obvious that it meant something to her and for me it made my day, it made my week.” Hardman says it is something she will always remember. “He was just so friendly and so warm and so willing to help. I just knew he was a special person.”

After leaving Shirley’s house, the Officer made a copy of the body camera footage for himself.  That way he can watch it after he has difficult days on the job to remember good days like this do happen.

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