Abandoned Baby Left on Pastor’s Doorstep

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (CNN) — The baby boy is believed to be hours old when he was found on a door step.

The baby was found around 6:30 Saturday morning. 

Malik Carol, 14-year-old, lives in the home and said he was walking up to his front door when he saw the new born baby right outside the front door.

The newborn was wrapped in a black jacket.  A family member called 9-1-1 while Maliks mother consoled the child.

Meanwhile, Maliks father, Pastor Charles Carol, is a well known member of the community and runs a church in the area as well.  Pastor Carol said he does not think he knows the baby’s mother, but isn’t sure if his connection to the church and community may be a reason why the home was selected.

Police are looking for the baby’s mother, but are concerned that she may either be a victim of a crime or may be in need of medical attention.

Maryland is a Safe-haven state. Meaning there is a Safe Haven law that parents unwilling or unable to take care of a child can drop them off at a fire station, hospital or police station with no questions asked.

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