16-Year-Old and Boyfriend Charged With Killing Parents

ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Kentucky (CNN) —  For three weeks police investigated the shooting deaths of the married couple found inside their scenic home off US 25 in Rockcastle County.

“It does appear that the male individual they arrested has admitted to his role in the murder” said Trooper Shane Jacobs.

That’s 22-year-old Christopher Evans of Summerset. But what’s more interesting is his 16-year-old girlfriend, the couples daughter, is also charged with their murder.

Jacobs said, “whether it’s drug related or whether it was anger issues or inheritance.”

Relatives say they had their suspicions. CNN spoke to the victim’s son a week after the crime.

“It seemed as if it was a very thought out meditated act.  The thought that someone took their time and knew the house and just knew where things were at,” said Austin Whitt.

The case against the 16-year-old will start out in juvenile court, but she could eventually be tried as an adult. In accordance to Kentucky law that will likely take place once it gets to the grand jury phase, either in July or August.

She faces murder but Evans is accused of burglary and tampering with physical evidence for trying to either wash or burn clothing items after the shootings.

“It’s just a horrible situation where you have two parents who have been killed and one of their daughters is involved in this,” said Jacobs.

Evans will answer to the charges Monday in district court.

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