What’s Working: Pelicans Stranded by Tropical Storm Cindy Get Help


The Environmental Studies Center in Mobile has taken in some unexpected patients this week. They have eight pelicans that were blown off of a barrier island in Mississippi. The pelicans are a month old. The birds are nearly full-grown, even through they are small. They eat a lot too. Biologist, Susan Clement, says they are asking the public for help because the birds eat at least $20 per day of small fish. “We have been asking bait shop owners and shrimpers for extra fish. If you can’t catch any, we are asking people to donate money so we can get out and buy the fish.” The birds will be released in a month.

Summer is the busy season at the Environmental Studies Center. They have many injured babies that need around-the-clock care. They also have several animals that have been hit by cars. They glue turtles shells back together, and even rehab birds like Osprey and hawks. While News 5 was there, they were hand-feeding a full-grown Osprey. Clement wants to remind the public that they do not take healthy animals, only injured ones. She says if you find baby birds, make them a nest, and try to put them in a bush, off the ground.

If you would like to help the baby pelicans, call the Environmental Studies Center at (251)221-5000. They are keeping the babies out of public view so that the birds don’t get to used to human contact.

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