Use Caution When Lighting Up the Skies this Fourth of July


MOBILE, AL (WKRG) — As the Fourth of July comes closer, fire officials are warning the public not to mess around with fireworks.

To demonstrate how dangerous they can be, News 5 bought some fireworks and some items similar to humans to see how they can damage people when they’re misused.

The trip started at Kaboom Fireworks.  The owner showed us around the store, telling News 5’s Hayley Minogue which fireworks can easily be altered or used incorrectly.

Then, the Fowl River Volunteer Fire Department helped out for safety.  They showed us how placing fireworks incorrectly, pointing them at others, or even how using them correctly can be harmful.

We tested sparklers on a coke can, showing how much damage they can do to the can.

“Someone is going to end up with a third-degree burn,” said Chief John Corideo.

We also demonstrated how clothing can quickly go up in flames, and how fast a sparkler will burn through a shirt.

Then, we put a pyrotechnic in a lemon pie.  Chief said the pie was soft like human skin.  When the explosion went off, pie went everywhere, even hitting WKRG intern Jaylen in the head.

“As soon as I close my eyes… a piece of pie hit me in the face,” Jaylen said.  “I was like ‘Woah,’ I didn’t know that could happen with that type of firework like that.”

Then we used a watermelon, soft like skin on the inside, but protected with the rind.  This was to show that the shells can get under your skin and still explode, causing severe damage.

“Your whole body doesn’t have a hard shell,” said Chief Corideo.  “It’s just skin. There’s nothing to stop an explosion or burns from getting to you.”

For tips on how to be safe with fireworks, you can visit THIS website, The National Council on Firework Safety.

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