Tennessee Rapist, Missing Woman Found in Baldwin County

Update 2:00 pm 

Officials say Kelvin Montgomery, the man arrested Wednesday night at a marina in Josephine, is now sitting in the Baldwin County Jail. Montgomery was on the run after disappearing before beginning a 12-year sentence for rape. attempted murder and kidnapping in Tennessee,

Officials tell us, Shastah Naumann, the woman he was with, is on her way home to Arkansas. Investigators say the two have been in Baldwin County since at least November 2016.


9:00 pm Thursday, July 29


Orange Beach Police say Kelvin Montgomery is behind bars. He should have been serving a 12-year sentence for rape, attempted murder, and kidnapping in Tennesse but instead, he has been on the run for almost a year.

Shastah Naumann


Montgomery and a woman named Shastah Naumann, who had been reported missing from Arkansas, were discovered on a sailboat in a marina in Josephine living under assumed names.

Rafael Kieffer says Wednesday night Shastah, who they knew as Amy, came over crying and claiming Montgomery, who was known as Mike, was trying to kill her.

Kieffer called authorities who then started putting the pieces of a complicated puzzle together and took the pair into custody.

Montgomery is currently in the Orange Beach City Jail while the investigation continues.  He could face additional charges.  Naumann is in protective custody until her family arrives.

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