Stunning Video Shows Deadly Shootout Between Officers and Armed Suspect on a Bus

Stunning new video captures a deadly shootout between a Baltimore County police officer and a suspect with a gun on a city bus on June 7th. Investigators have cleared the officers involved, calling it a “justified shooting”.

The video was captured from security cameras inside inside the MTA bus and from the body camera worn by one of the four officers who shot at Blaine Robert Erb.


Th footage shows police racing to the scene in Dundalk earlier this month, as a suspect walked out of a city bus with a gun in each hand.

The video captures the sequence of events, from the first shots fired to the deadly take down, and the rush to help an injured officer.

The injured officer’s body cam captured her first warning shot the shootout that took place a short time later.

Bystanders fled the scene, although one witness recorded the dramatic scene on a cell phone.

Officers opened fire on 35-year-old Blaine Erb, who had a warrant out for his arrest. The suspect also had an extensive criminal history.

Erb allegedly robbed two people in the parking lot of a local store before hopping on a city bus to escape the area.

Officers say he held up two people in a store parking lot before boarding a city bus to flee the crime scene.

Surveillance captured Erb brandishing a weapon in each hand, causing bus passengers to panic and fell.

Police arrived on the scene and engaged in a 7-minute shoot out with the suspect.

When the smoked cleared, the body of Blaine Erb was laying on the side of the road while a Baltimore County Police officer was bleeding in the street nearby.

Officer 1st Class Slocum, a 13-year veteran assigned to Precinct 12 in Dundalk, was shot twice in a lower extremity during the the gunfire exchange.

Both the officer and another woman hit in the crossfire are still recovering.

Some family members believe police could have fired at Erb “with a non-lethal shot”, but Crystal Jantz, the mother of Erb’s daughter, admitted she regarded him as “dangerous” and believes police were justified in their actions.

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