Watch: Deadly Snakes on the Loose After Truck Crash

(CNN) Authorities are alerting residents in South Texas that several venomous snakes are on the loose. If that weren’t bad enough a baby alligator is in the mix, too.  It’s all because of a truck crash 20 miles south of San Antonio. The animals were on the truck and got loose after it crashed.

Most of the 30 snakes on board were quickly captured, but some very dangerous snakes are still on the loose. “We have some copperheads, water moccasins, and we do have in custody right now a western diamondback rattler,” said Richard LaBiche of the Somerset Fire Department

Police say the truck rolled over after one of its tires blew out. The driver and a child inside the vehicle were taken to the hospital. Their conditions are not known. It’s also unclear why a child was riding in a truck that was carrying venomous snakes.

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