Watch: CPSC Blows Stuff Up to Show How Dangerous Fireworks Can Be

(CNN/WKRG) Fireworks are synonymous with Independence Day celebrations. And it’s also become a yearly tradition for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to blow stuff up to show how dangerous they can be.

This year’s annual video shows the dangers of fireworks starts with an innocent dummy. Seemingly minding his own business he explodes into a ball of flames. For some reason he’s sitting at a little desk in a tiny office and the entire thing suddenly becomes a ball of flames and collapses around him. The next victim takes a rocket to the eye, leaving a gaping black hole where his foam socket used to be.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says more than 2-hundred people a day go the emergency room with fireworks-related injuries in the days around the July 4th holiday. Children younger than five have the second highest rate of injury behind young adults.

Next, twin child dummies enjoying a few sparklers burst into flames. “Sparklers burn at 2000 degrees.  That is as hot as a blowtorch. I don’t think people realize that. And then make sure that if something doesn’t light – that you don’t bend over and check it out because it might go off right in your face and that could be a really severe injury,” says Patty Davis of the Consumer Product Safety Commission

The final victim loses his head celebrating the fourth, literally. He has his face in a firework that shoots into his head, blowing it clean off.

Many fireworks injuries are the result of misuse or malfunction of fireworks. The CPSC says you can prevent injuries and deaths by having an adult supervise fireworks activities.


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