Spotlight Shines on Orange Beach Firefighter for Random Act of Kindness

Orange Beach Firefighter Robert Simpson



Orange Beach firefighter Robert Simpson is one of those guys, when he sees a way to help somebody else, he just does it. That’s what happened earlier this month when a family from Tennessee was vacationing in Orange Beach and needed help with their autistic son. “They wanted a lifeguard to take him out and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and I volunteered to take him out.”

26-year-old Jimmy Miller loves the water but his Mom was not comfortable with her swimming skills and had requested a lifeguard to help. “I was just out there hanging out so, I don’t mind. It wasn’t an inconvenience.”

A letter written to the city of Orange Beach by a grateful mother goes into great detail about Simpson’s selfless act and about a fire house tour that Jimmy still talks about today. “I wasn’t expecting this at all, to be honest,” says Simpson.

For two and a half hours the firefighter and his new friend were the perfect beach bums and then, just like that, it ended. “All of a sudden he said I’m tired, I want to go back with my Mom. I said, tired of me already he said no I like you, I just want to hang out with my Mom, okay.” And with that, a memory was made that will surely last a lifetime.


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