Mothers of Homicide Victims: Enough is Enough



The statement “Enough is Enough” is simple, and sternly said by two mothers, both grieving the loss of their daughters in the past few months.  Police say Alicia Trotter was killed by her boyfriend and La’Terica McMillian was shot by the father of her child.

The mothers are begging the community to recognize this problem, address the issue, and work together to curb gun violence and domestic-related homicides in Mobile.  A domestic violence advocate spoke to News 5 about a proposed solution to the problem, beginning with a conversation.

On April 9th, Alicia Trotter’s body was found on the side of I-10.  Police say her boyfriend shot and killed her before he later killed himself.  Wednesday, Trotter’s

Wednesday, Trotter’s mother embraced the mother of another homicide victim, also killed after a domestic dispute, holding her so tight, you can hear her heart beating.

Erica McMillian’s daughter, La’Terica was shot and killed Sunday morning.  Police believe her killer is the father of her three-year-old daughter.

“We lost La’Terica,” said Precious Timmons, La’Terica’s aunt.  “She lived her life, but he gave us another life, La’Tyra, and we will be blessed and we will raise her and keep her with her memories.”

As the families come together to bring attention to domestic violence, other advocates continue to speak out.

“This year, within the last 6 months, it has gotten worse in our community,” said Terrie Ann Polk, founder of ‘No More Tears,’ a domestic violence advocacy group.

There have been 19 homicides in Mobile in 2017.  Of those 19 homicides, seven of them have been domestic related, and five of those seven have been women.

“Some of the men are, you know… Are just evil,” said Polk.  “I think they’re just evil and they’re just letting the devil use them to take some of these women out.”

When a strong support system could mean the difference in life or death, being there for women who may be struggling to leave could be the factor that finally gives them the courage.

“To a woman that is going through domestic violence, get out,” said Polk.  “Don’t waste any time. Get you an escape plan. Don’t wait.”

The community is invited to attend La’Terica’s candlelight vigil on Thursday evening at Municipal Park at 6:45.  The family requests bringing pink or purple candles.  Her celebration of life ceremony is on Saturday, at 11 o’clock at Mt. Caramel Baptist Church.

To help the family with funeral expenses, click here.

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